Monday, March 17, 2008

The Blair Witch Project

So Tony Blair is off to Japan on yet another witch hunt.

He said there was a "consensus" that a deal had to be reached - with a 50% cut in carbon emissions needed by 2050.

In a broadcast on his personal website, he said: "At the big G8 summit of last year everybody agreed that climate change is a serious problem, everybody agreed we need a new global deal once the Kyoto Protocol expires in 2012.

The last time that Tony got this excited is when he was duped by another presidential hopeful - George Bush - who convinced him that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and that Saddam Hussein was in cahoots with al-Qaeda. To avoid peeing his pants with excitement, he mustered thousands of British soldiers at the cost of millions of dollars per year and ordered them to fight the good fight.

Unfortunately the good fight was based on a pack of lies that cost Tony Blair his job, not to mention the lives of 175 British soldiers. After five years of fighting the "Mid East Vietnam" the only thing that the British have gained was that the realization that the weapons of mass destruction and the al-Qaeda link were nothing more than political ploy to lure the unwitting Blair to his own demise.

Now as an encore, Tony is tilting at yet another windmill in a vain hope that he will ultimately be forgiven for his mistake in Iraq.

Always one for jumping on the bandwagon as opposed to examining the facts in a given situation, Ex prime minister Blair will undoubtedly achieve the same success and admiration from the English people for stopping the progression of climate change in the world as he did for stopping the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

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