Monday, March 24, 2008

Finding Climate Change In Iraq

So now we have officially past the five year mark of the Iraq War, no doubt celebrated in Baghdad with with a big cake, lots of ice cream and many presents from countries far and wide.

Apparently George "I Am In Denial" Bush still thinks that it was a great idea to launch an illegal attack sovereign country on false pretenses, suggesting that "the world is a safer place since the 2003 invasion". George's views have been supported by his biggest cheerleader and Vice President Dick "Don't stand in front of my shotgun" Cheney who acknowledged "the phenomenal improvement in security".

Another milestone has been the 4000th American fatality in the Iraq conflict. But some checkpoints that will never be revealed is the monetary cost to the American economy and the civilian cost to the Iraqi people.

Funny how the best of intentions can end so tragically when the original premise was based on a pack of lies. If you don't believe me then just ask Ted Haggard or Eliot Spitzer.

In the Iraq war, the lies were about weapons of mass destruction and Iraq's link to al Qaeda and the futile attempt by the United States to eradicate problems that didn't exist, at enormous expense of money and lives. The only thing the Iraq war proved, is how easily large groups of supposedly intelligent people can be duped into supporting the most outrageous and
illogical actions imaginable.

The global warming fraud is no different. Climate change has been a part of the earth's landscape for 4.5 billion years. The last episode of global warming has been happening continuously for the last 18,000 years accompanied in lockstep with 120 metres of sea level rise.

Alarmists in the climate change issue, like the Americans in the Iraqi war are trying to solve a problem that isn't there. The climate change outcome to is inevitable, trillions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives wasted until common sense prevails. It too bad that George Bush couldn't have added climate change in Iraq as an an excuse for regime change, that way all the unsolvable problems could have be eliminated in one felled swoop.

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Blair Witch Project

So Tony Blair is off to Japan on yet another witch hunt.

He said there was a "consensus" that a deal had to be reached - with a 50% cut in carbon emissions needed by 2050.

In a broadcast on his personal website, he said: "At the big G8 summit of last year everybody agreed that climate change is a serious problem, everybody agreed we need a new global deal once the Kyoto Protocol expires in 2012.

The last time that Tony got this excited is when he was duped by another presidential hopeful - George Bush - who convinced him that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and that Saddam Hussein was in cahoots with al-Qaeda. To avoid peeing his pants with excitement, he mustered thousands of British soldiers at the cost of millions of dollars per year and ordered them to fight the good fight.

Unfortunately the good fight was based on a pack of lies that cost Tony Blair his job, not to mention the lives of 175 British soldiers. After five years of fighting the "Mid East Vietnam" the only thing that the British have gained was that the realization that the weapons of mass destruction and the al-Qaeda link were nothing more than political ploy to lure the unwitting Blair to his own demise.

Now as an encore, Tony is tilting at yet another windmill in a vain hope that he will ultimately be forgiven for his mistake in Iraq.

Always one for jumping on the bandwagon as opposed to examining the facts in a given situation, Ex prime minister Blair will undoubtedly achieve the same success and admiration from the English people for stopping the progression of climate change in the world as he did for stopping the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Let the Easterners Freeze in the Dark!

Another weekend; another dump of snow in Eastern Canada. With cities like Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa all closing in seasonal records for snowfall it looks like global warming has headed south for the winter.

What's funny is remembering the "Cold is Cool" banners that the environmentalists were waving when the international climate change conference was being held in Montreal in 2005. Apparently the conference delegates got together afterwards in closed door meetings with everybody exclaiming "Who the hell picked to have a climate change conference in Montreal in December". Apparently conference organizers, under the threat of water boarding were able to pacify the crowd by saying "We'll make it up to you guys by holding the next conference in Bali!"

What I can't understand, is why anybody in Canada would be against global warming.

As surprising as it seems, if a person goes back 18,000 thousand years or so, the climate of every major city in Canada was exactly the same; minus 2 and under thousands of feet of ice. Since then climate change has not progressed evenly across all areas of Canada. The southern tip of Vancouver Island has warmed much faster than any other location in the dominion.

By using the plant hardiness zone (PHZ) designations as criteria for differential warming, we can evaluate the geneses of climate change across Canada. The PHZ's were developed by Agriculture Canada to quantify which crops could grow where. The PHZ's range from 0 to 9 with zone 0 designating the the harshest climate and zone 9 the mildest. Winter temperatures in zone 0 can dip below -45 while zone 9 climates rarely dip below freezing. Generally speaking, the colder the climate the less variety of plants and trees will be able to survive. Up here at the ranch we are zone 2 and can grow about 100 different trees and shrubs, in Victoria, which is a zone 8 they can grow over 1800.

Vancouver was rated as the best to live in Canada based solely on its more favorable climate. Coincidentally David Suzuki who already has a house in Vancouver is dead set against anyone else in Canada from enjoying the same warm weather as he does

The fruit producing regions of Canada including B.C.'s Okanogan Valley, the Niagara Peninsula in Ontario, and The Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia all have PHZ's of 5/6. As the global warming continues, the PHZ's will all move northwards approximately 120 kilometers for every 1 degree increase in temperature, and voila in a few short centuries, every province will have its very own fruit producing region, and what is so wrong with that.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Skating on Thick Ice

Let the bells ring out! The frostbite blisters on my butt from the cold weather I experienced up here at the ranch (120 km north of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) are not just a figment of my imagination. Apparently all four major global temperature tracking outlets (Hadley, NASA's GISS, UAH, RSS) have released updated data. All show that over the past year, global temperatures have dropped precipitously. Meteorologist Anthony Watts compiled the results of all the sources. The total amount of cooling ranges from 0.65C up to 0.75C -- a value large enough to erase nearly all the global warming recorded over the past 100 years. All in one year time. For all sources, it's the single fastest temperature change every recorded, either up or down.

The big surprise is not that this variation in climate occurred but that scientists admitted it. Anecdotal evidence that snow cover over North America and much of Siberia, Mongolia and China is greater than at any time since 1966, freak snowstorms in Jerusalem, Syria and Iran all pointed to a colder than normal winter despite an increase in carbon dioxide.

The U.S. National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) reported that many American cities and towns suffered record cold temperatures in January and early February. According to the NCDC, the average temperature in January "was -0.3 F cooler than the 1901-2000 (20th century) average." China is surviving its most brutal winter in a century. Temperatures in the normally balmy south were so low for so long that some middle-sized cities went days and even weeks without electricity because once power lines had toppled it was too cold or too icy to repair them. There have been so many snow and ice storms in Ontario and Quebec in the past two months that the real estate market has felt the pinch as home buyers have stayed home rather than venturing out looking for new houses. In just the first two weeks of February, Toronto received 70 cm of snow, smashing the record of 66.6 cm for the entire month set back in the pre-SUV, pre-Kyoto, pre-carbon footprint days of 1950. And remember the Arctic Sea ice? The ice we were told so hysterically last fall had melted to its "lowest levels on record? Never mind that those records only date back as far as 1972 and that there is anthropological and geological evidence of much greater melts in the past.

The ice is back. Gilles Langis, a senior forecaster with the Canadian Ice Service in Ottawa, says the Arctic winter has been so severe the ice has not only recovered, it is actually 10 to 20 cm thicker in many places than at this time last year. […]Last month, Oleg Sorokhtin, a fellow of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, shrugged off manmade climate change as "a drop in the bucket." Showing that solar activity has entered an inactive phase, Prof. Sorokhtin advised people to "stock up on fur coats." He is not alone. Kenneth Tapping of our own National Research Council, who oversees a giant radio telescope focused on the sun, is convinced we are in for a long period of severely cold weather if sunspot activity does not pick up soon. The last time the sun was this inactive, Earth suffered the Little Ice Age that lasted about five centuries and ended in 1850. Crops failed through killer frosts and drought. Famine, plague and war were widespread. Harbours froze, so did rivers, and trade ceased. It's way too early to claim the same is about to happen again, but then it's way too early for the hysteria of the global warmers, too.

How will the global warming alarmists explain this one. I can see the headlines now: "Global Warming is Responsible for Global Cooling"