Monday, February 16, 2009

A Fool and His Money

Well its just come down the pipe at the BBC that Tony Blair has won the $1,000,000 Dan David prize for his contribution to social welfare marking Tony's "foresight, exceptional intelligence and steadfast determination"

Praising his role in the Northern Ireland's peace process and his "steadfast determination and morally courageous leadership" over Kosovo Mr. Blair's is hailed on the Dan David laureate' website as one of the most outstanding statesman of our era.

Unfortunately the Dan David laureate website failed to mention that Tony Blair was George Bush's right hand man when the two cohorts launched an unprovoked attack on an independent sovereign nation that cost Great Britain 178 war casualties and billions of dollars of taxpayers money not to mention the tens of thousands of Iraqi civilian casualties. The website also failed to notice that Tony's war on Climate Change has left Great Britain not only bankrupt, but with rotating blackouts as the race to meet the conditions of the Kyoto protocol, trumped any secondary consideration like keeping the economy going.

But that was probably just an oversight on the Dan David's awards selection committee.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

California's Budget has Been Terminated

Arnold Schwarzenegger has had some tough acting roles in his life, but probably his most difficult character he ever has had to portray has been "Fiscally Responsible Administrator" in the never ending movie "Governor of California". Despite efforts by the California State Legislature to help Arnie understand that being Governor is a reality show and not a science fiction movie, it seems that his obsession of becoming carbon neutral through the development of alternative energy programs at the expense of just about everything else that the state oversees is a situation that even a cyborg assassin cannot blast himself out.

According to Mark Paul, the former deputy treasurer of California, and now deputy editorial page editor at the Sacramento Bee newspaper, the state is "headed to a financial Armageddon" So dire is the California balance sheet that in order to make up the 19 billion dollar deficit by tax cuts alone, the state would have to close its entire public university system, end welfare payments, and eliminate all sate funding for the developmentally disabled, for mental health and all in- home supportive services.

But there is a method to Arnie's madness. He acutely aware that carbon dioxide production is directly linked to both gross domestic product and population. As both of demographics these wither away to nothing, he'll be able to phone up the IPCC boys and tell them "I was the first American state to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions to 1990 levels" Unfortunately he have to tell the people of California that he also reduce the economic prosperity and population levels to 1990 levels.