Monday, February 18, 2008

Two Writer Don't Make a Wrong

The only thing better than being a global warming scientist these days is being a journalist covering the global warming "crisis". Not only have these two professions spent much time in bed together (trying to stay warm) over the past several years but it turns out that the journalists have also become pleasantly plump if not overtly obese during the same period from gobbling stories that the scientists have been feeding them. While copying and pasting press releases is infinitely easier than actually carrying out investigative reporting, the day of reckoning is right around the corner.

Like the dawning that must have occurred in the media after realizing that "Iraq's weapons of mass destruction" was a fabrication by the Bush administration to justify an unprovoked attack on a sovereign nation, so too must journalists around the world begin to recognize that carbon dioxide is not the primary cause of global warming.

The carbon dioxide-temperature increase link only works when both are increasing lock step, the charade falls flat when carbon dioxide is increasing but temperatures are decreasing. The winter of 2007 and 2008 will likely go down in history as one of the coldest in history with snow falling, sometimes for the first time in living memory in Greece, Syria, and Jerusalem plus the worst winter snowfalls in Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Iran.

What will be the spin that scientists put on this new information? That global warming causes global cooling? That cold and snow is just a figment of the imagination? Or will scientists admit that warming and cooling of the earth are just natural cycles that are not significantly affected by small changes in the carbon dioxide levels?

If the United States will defend their decision to invade Iraq to the death of their economy, the death of of their servicemen, and the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, whats the chance of a group of climate scientists rescinding their decisions regarding global warming?

The cold temperatures have devastated crops in China which will further put upwards pressure on the price of wheat, corn and oilseeds already at record highs because a large portion of the crop has been diverted to produce "renewable" bio-fuel to run our vehicles. While the upward movement of food prices will have minimum effect on the rich nations of the world, those in the developing world where wages are little more than a dollar a day will be in serious trouble of not being able to feed their populations.

When the tide turns and the global warming hoax is exposed for what it really is, will the worlds journalists demand that the IPCC give back its Nobel prize and Al Gore return his Oscar? Or will they just focus on another foolish fantasy furnished fresh from the fraudsters facade.

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